As Children we used to visit our ancestors compound on the Camino Real Road, and we loved imagining the life style of past times, while strolling through the local fields.  As a child I felt the strength of my family heritage that for generations had owned the property.

At first I used to spend my long summer evenings conversing with my brother, ranch foreman and his children and now my wife accompanies me along memory lane.

We started to visit the finca more often.   There was a  magnetic force pulling us towards the center of the compound and little by little we became increasingly  involved in the magic of the area.

Our desire was to preserve the buildings but deterioration was affecting them seriously and we didn’t want these landmarks of the village to be lost forever.

After listening to much diverse opinion we decided to go ahead and restore the finca.

We worked very hard to achieve our goals.  Without speaking about the time it took and the problems we faced to restore the finca, we only want to thank everyone involved in making our dream come true.


The Restoration


Our project started in the beginning of 2010 and concluded 2 and half years later.

The restoration consisted in refurnishing a group of historic buildings known as “Caserio del Camino Real” in Fasnia, Tenerife. Built in the 17th century by the Delgado Mejias family.  The hacienda consists of a gateway decorated with three turrets, a main building, wine cellers, stables, and storage rooms.  They were built of stone and high quality wood.

The style of the architecture followed traditional Canarian architecture. The main features of building were preserved, and they are one of the best examples of country haciendas in the south of Tenerife and have been included in the official listing of historic landmarks in the township of Fasnia. 

Our objectives were clearly understood and achieved by our architect Pepe Sanchez.

His detailed restoration of the finca took into account the rural historic area and the materials and techniques used in the original construction.  Using teak wood, tiles, stone, mud, and lime used to cover the walls.  At the same time we used all of the remaining original construction that we could that had lasted through the years. The houses were adapted to modern living conditions being comfortably furnished especially in the bathrooms and kitchens in which all the modern convinces can be found.

The finca received a prize for the quality of this project by the Excmo. Cabildo Insular de Tenerife



Philosophy and dream of this restoration
Philosophy and dream of this restoration