Visit Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz de Tenerife is the capital of the island.

Just 30 minutes on the highway, you can walk on it for its wide boulevards and avenues, rest in any bank of its parks and gardens, walking or shopping …
We recommend you visit:

The Museum of Nature and Man. – It´s housed


Teide National Park is the most visited in Spain (3,142,148 people in 2007), and is undoubtedly one of the most exotic and amazing places in Europe. Volcanic landscapes, moon-like, the color of their lands, the basalt flows creating the most capricious, give it a spectacular beauty.

The park was declared as such in 1954,


Fun, with or without children, is very easy on the island. Spend a day at one of the big theme parks in Tenerife, it is an experience.

We will propose in the South, just twenty minutes drive from the house: you’re on the water The Siam Park – the largest water park in Europe, or special


The party wakes more international interest in our island, is the Carnival, but we also want to highlight other holidays that are interesting for their tradition:

La Romería (The pilgrimages). – It is one of the most typical holiday Canary Islands. They are held on Sundays during the summer months. It begins in the town of


Fasnia. – Is located in the southeast of the island, bordering the municipality of Guimar, through Herques gorge, and the municipality of Arico, through the gorge of La Linde. Its landscape is barren, however, its inhabitants have adapted to the conditions imposed by this sober territory.
Agriculture has always been and is – still –


The island has numerous hosting coasts interesting dive sites and very differents areas in terms of their characteristics. There are many dive sites and schools where you can learn to dive and rent equipment.

Some of the most popular diving areas of the island, as Radazul, Eras or Las Galletas, are very close to