I used to visit the houses of El Camino Real very often. I have to say, I have alway enjoyed imagining how life could have been in that period meanwhile I walk through its surrounding, as I had done several times in my childhood feeling the strength of my family heritage for generations owned a part of the Hacienda.
The summer afternoons in El Camino Real with my parents and siblings are a memory from my past, as it is now my wife who starts joining me in these walks, listening to how we used to spend the days and nights in Fasnia when I was a kid.
In the beginning, our visits were any a few but, without realising, they become more and more often. The caserio’s beauty started involving us every time with more strength and its main entrance, patio and different rooms become a part of our lives.
We wanted that the Hacienda could preserve intact for future generations, but every visit it was visible its deterioration. We just could not allow to finish that way the history of these houses, which once up on a time were the symbol of this town.
And that is why, after a very much deliberated decision and even though the different opinions, we decided to rehabilitate the Hacienda and make it habitable. After that day, we started working very hard in order to achieve our target.
We will not talk about the problems we found during this way, we would only want to say thanks to everyone who have helped us to make our dream come true.

The restoration

We encourage you to read the beautiful story of the house’s restoration and see some of the pictures that were taken during this process.

We love life and enjoy sharing what we have got with others.

The location, the history behind each house, the organic cultivation we have started and so many
reasons more that you could find out make of this Hacienda a source of health and positive
We are looking forward to seeing you!

Mita y Nicolas