The gastronomy is not sophisticated  In Fasnia , but It is  authentic and especially abundant. There are several restaurants and bars where you can meet and appreciate some of the most genuine specialties of traditional Canarian cuisine (meat, fish, potatoes, gravies, soups …) all prepared with local products, and of course, washed down with the best red and white wines of the region. Prices tend to be economic:   a great value.!
In the village you can eat in the Bar Brisas del Teide, which also prepares hotcakes for breakfast on holidays and weekends, and the Tasca Chicato,  (they prepare  the best tenderloin sandwiches) . Both of them serve great wines from local wineries, especially whites (those Chicato made ​​himself the owner of the premises). You can also taste these wines in the San Joaquin Kiosk, in the same square and bar Grand Parade in the center of town.
In Los Roques, off Highway are : Maracay  Restaurant, a classic with a wide variety of home cooked meals and traditional dishes, the Bar-Restaurante Las Palmeras, specializing in grilled meats, in addition to the Oasis and cafeterias Los Roques de Fasnia.
The ideal place to enjoy fresh fish prepared in the local style, with potatoes and mojo, plus octopus, limpets and other marine products, is the Bar-Restaurant Tomasín, in the neighborhood of Las Eras.
The cuisine is extended to many other places you’ll find in the nearby villages.


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