The process started with the cleaning works. They began in the first months of 2010 and they did not finish until almost two and a half years after. Our aim was the integral restoration of a group of historic constructions, known as “Caserio del Camino Real” of Fasnia, and which was built in the XVII century by Delgado Mejias’s family. The Hacienda consists of a main entrance decorated with three turrets, a main building, wine cellers, stables and storage rooms. They were built of stone and high quality wood.

Restoration process

At the same time, we have tried to incorporate to the houses all the comforts of the modern times, especially in the kitchen and bathrooms.

Our objectives were clearly understood and achieved by our architect Pepe Sanchez Its careful restoration was orientated to the conservation of its rural setting, as well as, the materials and techniques used in the original construction, such as teak wood, tiles, stone, mud, and lime to cover the walls.

Tenerife Landscape First Prize

The quality of the rehabilitation project was recognized by the awarding of the Tenerife Landscape Award in its second edition, by the Hon. Island Council of Tenerife

Best Rural Accommodation

Gánigo Award in 2017 for the Best Rural Accommodation by the Center for Initiative and Tourism Comarcas del Sur de Tenerife(CIT)