Walking and climbing

The best way to see the interior of the island is walking and, if you dare, climbing. There are many routes and paths that allow you to admire the beauty of our landscapes and the remarkable difference between the two major areas that divide Tenerife Sur area and North area.
For safety, we recommend you follow approved trails: a network of trails that meet precise demands of track and signaling will facilitate the practice of this sport. This network of trails covers the entire island, including the area in which we are, so the Houses of Camino Real are a privileged operations center to organize your walking tours of the area.
The Cabildo, Tinerfeña Mountaineering Federation, various clubs (approved), .. you can provide the information needed for hiking, and other activities such as climbing, mountaineering, …. knowing all the details you need for a safe sport.
In recent years, the municipality of Arico, adjacent to our town of Fasnia, is the refernce point for sport climbing on the island. This is mainly fue to the large number of routes (more than 500) , the quality of many of them, their easy access and beautiful surroundings. There are up to 13 climbing sectors, among which Arico, Fountain Ravine, Canyon River, The Gallery, … All of them are very close, just 15 to 20 minutes drive from the house, ideal as a hub of climbing and needed rest. If you are interested we can give you all the information you need or contact local climbers specialists in the area.

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